Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Collection and A New Pattern

Wanted to give an update on our Zoo Babies collection.  Right now, we hardly have any hats at all.  I am hoping I start to get a bunch of packages soon, but if you haven't decided if you wanted to help out or not, please consider making even just a hat or two!  There are adorable patterns out there and they work up so quick!

If you are newer to my blog, you can read about our preemie hat project here.  It is called Rosie's Cozies and it is in honor of a sweet baby girl.

On another note, I have really by trying to do a bit more pattern writing.  I have just released a Curious Monkey hat, and hope to have a couple more to release here soon.  I have one out to testers and need to try to figure out how to make the changes necessary to make it an easier pattern.

I still have a sale going on for my Curious Monkey hat on over at Etsy.  Just use the coupon code MONKEYMADNESS to get it 20% off!

Sorry I have been a bit slow on my blogging lately.  I hope to get back into the blogging swing again and update this more often!  Hopefully my next post will be showing off pictures of all of the adorable little animal hats we collect!

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