Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rosie's Cozies is Ready for Action!

Alrighty, I was a busy bee today running around town and making phone calls!  I wanted to make sure that before we started this project that I had all of my bases covered!  First, I got myself a P.O. Box.  No, I do not think that my readers are crazy stalkers ready to hunt me down.  I do, however, feel that there are crazy stalkers out there that I would rather not have find my home address if they happen to stumble upon my blog.

Next, I called Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.  I told the lovely woman on the phone what we were working on and she was was more than ecstatic.  She said that the hospital can use hats from micro-preemie size all the way up through adult size.  I am providing the preemie hat pattern I used for Rosie's hats, but it clearly sounds like hospitals in general need all sizes, so if  you feel so moved please make some hats for all ages.

I have also had a lot of people ask if they could donate money for yarn and things.  I do not need money for yarn (just ask my husband), as I have an insane stash of yarn and these hats take so little.  However, my sister spoke with Rosie's mom, Megan, who said that donating to the hospital would be a great avenue for these funds as there are some families who stay at the hospital while their babies are in the NICU.  Money could help support this program for those families.  I am posting a DONATE link on the side of my blog for anyone interested in donating to Rosie's Cozies, and I can be sure the money makes it to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.  Or, you can always send the check to them yourself as they can probably give you a receipt for tax purposes. 

For finished hats to be donated to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital as part of Rosie's Cozies, please mail them to me at:

Rosie's Cozies
6026 Kalamazoo Ave SE #119
Kentwood, MI 49508

Okay, so without further ado.....that major basic beanie hat pattern I used for little Miss Rosie, as well as the add-ons to jazz the hats up.  I have not tested any of these patterns since I wrote them up, so please let me know if something is written wrong.

These patterns are not to be rewritten and sold elsewhere.  Please feel free to use them for personal use, for donated items, and items you would like to sell.

Hook: H  (I also used an E hook for one of the hats and it still fit Rosie (1lb 7oz), so please feel free to use different hook sizes to vary the hat sizes)
Yarn:  I used worsted weight, as well as other weighted yarns.  It created different sizes, which I think is just fine for this project as babies are going to have varying head sizes.

Round 1:  Chain 2.   Make 10sc into first chain made.  Join with sl st to first sc.  (10sc)
Round 2:  Chain 2 (this is not considered the first dc).  2dc into same stitch and in each stitch around.  Join to first dc (20 dc)
Round 3:  Chain 2.  1dc in same stitch, 2dc in next stitch, (1dc in next stitch, 2dc in next stitch) around.  Join to first dc. (30dc).
Round 4:  Chain 2:  1dc in same stitch and each stitch around.  Join (30dc)
Rounds 5-7: Repeat Round 4. (if you plan on adding earflaps, skip Round 8)
Round 8: Option A: Chain 1.  Sc in same stitch and each stitch around.  Join. (30sc) 
                   Option B (scalloped edge):  Chain 1.  Sc in same stitch, chain 2, (sc in next stitch, chain 2)around.  Join. (30sc) (see hat below in white and blue to see this edge)

To add earflaps:
Row 1:  Sl st in next 5sc to left of joining seam.  Chain 2.  Dc in same stitch and in next 5 stitches. (5dc)
Row 2:  Chain 2. Turn.   Decrease dc over same stitch and next stitch, 1dc in next stitch, decrease dc over next 2 stitches (3dc)
Row 3:  Chain 2.  Turn.  Decrease dc over same stitch and next stitch.  1dc in last stitch. (2dc)
Row 4:  Chain 2.  Turn.  Decrease dc over same stitch and next stitch.  Finish off (1dc)

Next Earflap:
Sl st in 11sc to the left of first earflap made.  Chain 2.  Dc in same stitch and in next 5 stitches (5dc)
Repeat Rows 2-4.
Sc evenly around bottom of hat edge and earflaps.


Flower A:
Chain 4.  Join to make a circle.
Chain 10.  Slst into circle.  Continue this multiple times until you have a ball of petals.  Finish off.

Flower B:
Follow this link for the flower.

Flower C:
This can be found on Ravelry here.

Flower D:
I used a version of this I think.  You can find it here.

Monkey Ears:
Round 1: Chain 2.  6sc in first chain.  Do not join. Continue into next Round.
Round 2:  2sc in each sc (12sc)  Do not join.
Round 3: 1sc in each stitch around.  Finish.  Leave a long tail so you can sew it to the side of the hat.
To make inner ears I just did Round 1 and finished it off and then glued it to the outside ear.
Owl Hat:
Eyes (make 2):
Round 1:With Color A, Chain 2.  7sc in first chain.  Join. (7sc)
Round 2: With Color B, Chain 2.  2 dc in each stitch around.  Join. (14dc)
Round 3: Chain 1.  1 sc in each stitch around.  Join. Finish. (14sc)
I added eyebrows by making a short row of sc with a different color at the top of the eye.

Row 1:  Chain 4.  Sc in second chain from hook and in each chain across (3sc)
Row 2:  Chain 1.  Turn.  Decrease sc across same stitch and next.  Sc in last stitch (2 sc)
Row 3.  Chain 1.  Turn.  Decrease sc  across same stitch an next.  Finish. (1sc)

Ears were tied to the top of the hat with 6 strands of yarn.

Let's be sure that we make boy hats, as well as girly hats.  You can make a basic beanie with some stripes to add a bit of pizazz, instead of the flower we add for the girly ones. 

I hope that I have posted enough to inspire and a pattern that is easy enough to follow!  I don't want to put a date for everything to be sent, as I would like this to be an on-going project, however there is a photographer that would love to take some pictures of the hats when we get them in.  I hope to be able to do this in the next month, so if you would like to see your hats in some pics, try to send them by August 15th.

I can't wait to see the hats that are created in honor of this little life gone too soon.

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  1. I love that you are doing this! I so wish I knew how to crochet!

  2. me too. I am still trying to figure out my gifts. they're in there somewhere.

  3. Can't wait to get started! Thank you for all the links and patterns!! This will help me use up some of my yarn AND make me feel good about the time spent hooking :)

  4. Thanks for posting these are beautiful I also donate here and sometimes it's nice to see different patterns for fresh inspiration. :)

  5. Are rounds 4-7 supposed to be 1 dc in each st around? If I repeat round 3 for these rows, I am increasing stitches correct?

  6. Thank you for doing this. I know what a blessing and a gift the things that volunteers make for sweet babies who comes to soon are :).

  7. i feel like my pattern is just going to keep getting bigger and bigger without making shape? which step makes it form a hat? sorry i'm new!

  8. what type of yarn would u suggest? ive heard that wool is out beacuse bubs can be allergic to it?

  9. Last week you had a photo of your copper hat display. I wanted to try one out of pvc, but can no longer find the photo.

  10. http://thedaintydaisyblog.blogspot.com/search/label/craft%20show. It is in thie post.

    I would choose softer yarns, baby yarn, cotton, etc.

  11. What is the circ and height of the finished hat?

  12. This is so neat. I am actually at Spectrum Butterworth currently awaiting the arrival of our little boy. I took up crocheting because I needed something to pass my time on bed rest. I am going on week 5 of bedrest and am hoping to make it 9 more weeks! I can't wait to try this. I am just a beginner so hopefully I can make my baby boy a cute hat for when he makes his appearance. I just can't believe how crazy it is that you are in Grand Rapids. Feel free to check out my blog http://20somethinmama.blogspot.com

  13. Hi Betsy, this is an amazing project and your patterns are just the cutest ever....I have plans for a blog dedicated to acts of kindess thru crafting, just haven't gotten around to it yet.....so I may just start a baby hat project here in Israel in the meantime.....and with all your cute patterns to link to, what more do I need? thanks so much and all the best with welcoming the new baby! (I found you since we were both linked to on tipnut.com for baby hats......and yours is exactly the cute little hat I need to make for some gifts, so I'll be linking to you soon too....)

  14. Thanks so much for posting this. Rosie's story really touched me and I can't wait to make some hats for my local hospital. I am crocheting all of my Christmas presents this year and for every present I make, I am making one preemie hat to donate. This is an awesome project!

  15. Hello, I just found this on Pintrest and would like to do this. Are you still taking hats for this, I see this was posted in 2011? Also is it ok to put plastic embelishments on the hats, like buttons? I see some of the posted hats do. I would't want there to be any choking hazards involed. But I wouldn't think a preemie would be able to pull off a button. Also I haven't washed them, Is there a special deturgent to use, or does the hospital wash them? Thanks

  16. Hello, I made hats for a project and missed the date, so I called the local hospital to find out if they needed baby hats. They were thrilled and took everything I had available (50), all sizes for babies. They do not wash them, I used a nonallergenic laundry soap because I really didnt know what to use, but figured their skin is so fragile. I think that any hospital where babies are born might want hats that you have created. Our hospital said the need is large and they always need them.

  17. I was wondering if there is some way we could enlarge this pattern to use for adults. It would be fantastic to use this same idea for cancer patients!!

  18. I was very touched by Rosie's story as I recently lost 3 grandbabies who were born too early. Our little triplets survived a very short time, and I would love to make hats for other little babies who have entered our world early and are trying to survive. I am a knitter, and do not know how to crochet. Does anyone have any patterns for knit hats for preemies? If not, I guess I'll just have to learn to crochet. And I will... to honor the memory of our precious little babies.

  19. For starters, try:


  20. Got the patterns and I can not wait to start!! I would love to do some of these patterns for older kids as well! Just have to figure out how to make them bigger.

  21. These are really cute, Love the owl one! Thanks for the patterns.

  22. Thank you for these patterns. I have made a couple of beanies for the hospital near us, but haven't handed them in yet. I would like to try the owl pattern and I like flower D. Thank you. (I live in Australia).

  23. The Church near my home started a project like this when one of the Gals had her baby very early and saw the need. They make incubator Blankets out of Flannel , crochet and knitted hats and blankets for Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland Ohio. Some members who don't sew buy baby clothing that is on Clearance to donate too. Some have made little 24 inch Quilts and "Angel outfits" for the babies who God Takes Home....

  24. I want to thank you so much for these patterns!!! My son, Owen, was born at 29 weeks and spent 6 weeks in the NICU. He is now 14 1/2 weeks (3 1/2 weeks corrected)and doing very well. I made a goal to crochet or knit a hat for each day that he was in the NICU to donate back. Life has been a little full to say the least but these adorable patterns may just be the motivation I need to get started on my mission! Thank you so much for sharing and God Bless Rosie for her beautiful life to inspire goodness.

  25. Thank you so much for all your patterns. I have made a lot for mg daughters and as gifts. I love your story about Rosie and if had inspired me to make some hats for my local NICU. On July 1, 2011 we were blessed with our Rosie. She was 6 days old and I was 7 months pregnant. Now they are 14 and almost 12 months old. I pray daily that Rosie's adoption is finalized, but it is a process. We also have two boys 3 years and 4.5 years old. I am truly blessed and I wanted to give something back. My cousin works at a local NICU and I love crocheting. Thank you so much.

  26. I came across this website because i saw your pattern on pintrest. I saw the link to rosies cozies.... i was inspired to make some hats, i have had a baby 4 wks early but we were blessed enough to have him come home w/us right away! i cannot imagine having to leave my baby at the hospital and in such a state. I want to thank you for posting the links for this organization, and to let you know that i will be making some flower hats (for the girls) as well as football hats (for the boys) i figure that will be cute for the boys as well as the girls! I am so thankful that i know how to crochet and now i know i can help a family w/this gift! Thankyou again believe me you made a difference, i am also going to provide a link to my friends that crochet or knit :D

  27. I cannot thank you enough for posting these patterns. I work in the NICU at Saint Mary's in Grand Rapids and have been searching for cute, more personalized patterns to make hats for all of our NICU babies. Thank you so much for these adorable patterns! These hats are appreciated so much by all of the NICU families and I can't wait to spread the love!

  28. I love this! came out perfect!! Thanks!!!



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