Sunday, July 10, 2011

In Honor of Rosie

My last post I had mentioned a little baby who was born far too soon, Rosie. Rosie was born at 23 weeks at a tiny 1lb 7oz. Despite all of the prayers and people hoping for a miracle, God decided to take little Rosie home to be with Him.

I had made hats for Rosie while she was in the NICU. I have no idea what it is like to have an child fighting for his or her life. I cannot relate to the fear, the sadness, and utter desperation that Rosie's parents must have felt as they cherished every moment with their daughter. In essence, we are all pretty helpless in that situation. I did the only things I knew I could do: pray and crochet. I felt that if I could give this family just something to brighten their day, then it was better than nothing at all. I assume that most hospital hats aren't the cutest, so I was more than excited to try to make some adorable goodies for Rosie.

This alone has really inspired me to want to do more. I have asked Megan, Rosie's mom, if she was okay with me going ahead with this project as I want to make sure I am respecting their family first and foremost. Her response to my email was:

"Betsy, I started crying when I read this. I love this idea...Rose's hats were such a hit, and a spot of light for us during those horrible two weeks. What a beautiful gesture, I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me. I am completely honored. Thank you so much for the idea."

So, what is my idea? I hope to post the basic beanie pattern I used for Rosie's hats, in hopes that people will crochet up a few hats, add some flowers, a bow, etc, mail them to me, and I will donate them to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital here in Grand Rapids, MI in honor of Rosie. Ideally, I would love for this to be an on-going project that anyone can participate in whenever they are able. Also, if you would rather donate them to your own NICU, that is great too! I know there are bitty babies all over who need some hat love too.  I would love for school or church crocheting clubs to take this on as a project!

I am trying to come up with a good name for this project like "Rosie's Hats," or hopefully something more exciting (I am open to ideas!). At this point this is my initial idea, and I would love to hear feedback from those who would love to join this effort with me--or even those willing to learn to crochet to donate a few hats! I am also open to ideas from anyone who has done something similar. For now, I just want to give to those families who are fighting for their babies like Rosie's family and friends fought for her. A gesture of a donated hat may seem small, but I think to those families who are hurting it goes much further than we can imagine.

In the meantime, I asked for continued prayer for the DeVries family as they mourn the loss of Rosie. Jesus is holding their little girl until they get to see her again.

So, who is in?  I hope to write up my pattern in the next week or so, and post it soon.
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  1. Such a wonderful thing to do. Helen DeVos Children's Hospital is very near and dear to our hearts and I would love to help out by making some hats.


  2. I would definitely be interested in making some hats. I'll probably donate them to my local NICU, though.

  3. Tiny blessing would make a great name...

    Charity T

  4. I'm "in" Betsy! Like you, I can't even begin to understand the depth of sadness with the loss of child, no matter how young/old. I'm not creative when it comes to team names for causes, but I'd love to help make some hats! Looking forward to your pattern and I'll get to work! :)
    Thoughts and prayers,

  5. Fantastic idea, I'm in! It takes such a short time to crochet a tiny hat, but the small amount of joy it can bring to a family will be remembered forever.

    I will crochet some and ship them to you, but I will also make some for my local NICU as well. This is a wonderful thing you are doing.


  6. I would be more than happy to participate and I will make some to ship, but also make some for my own NICU. Thanks so much for posting this Betsy :)


  7. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of sweet Rosie . . . may our Father bless her family with His peace until He calls them Home to see her again!
    Count me in on the hat project for sure! :)

  8. I would love to donate some hats :) definitely prayers going to the family.

  9. i love this and would love to be part of it... i'm fairly new to crocheting but i know the basics :-) Please post patterns and I will see what i can do with it! PS. name idea: Rosie's posies. Posies are typically a small bunch of flowers given as a gift to another. Maybe you can add a tag with a flower, or flowers on (some) of the hats. OR if you want to stick with the rhyme we could do something like: Rosie's Cozy (as in a cozy hat!) or Rosie's Cozies (not really a word! ha) In the meantime i'll keep brainstorming & waiting for a (easy) pattern.

  10. Count me in!!! I'm no expert - but I'll for sure contribute some. Boy and girl ones :)

  11. My heart goes out to Rosies family and they are in my prayers. I would love to be a part of making little hats!! It is a wonderful idea!


  12. I too have felt the loss of a premature baby. I was 20 weeks along when I lost my twin girls. There was nothing they could do to stop my labor, and they were born too soon. Although they both died only moments after birth, I was given two tiny little hats somebody had lovingly crocheted as a keepsake. I cherish those beautiful little hats, and often think of the person who took time out of their day to do a simple act of kindness. I think your idea is wonderful, as a mother who knows first hand what a great gift this can be.

  13. My son was born 8 weeks premature, a year and a bit ago. We thank the Lord every day for the blessing of being able to keep our little boy. Right from the start, he did very well. There were, however, other babies in the NICU that were not doing as well as him. I kept wondering why our baby was allowed to be doing so well, and others not. Anyways, this is a beautiful thing you are doing. I'm willing to crochet up some hats... I know how small little preemie heads are... and I'd like to donate them to the NICU my son was in. We're from Canada, so my hats will be going to Surrey Memorial Hospital, near Vancouver.
    Thank you for what you're doing. Even though our son did really well and has no medical issues, the 2 weeks of not knowing was very scary. It would be great knowing that I helped a worried mom and dad feel better!

  14. Please don't just donate them to the NICU, please donate a few to the OB ward. My daughter has Microcephaly...and even the smallest hats they had didn't fit her. Also, the Childrens hospital PICU could use them as well for babies that come in ill. Again, we had some that fit sorta ok, but none that fit her well.

    I Love this idea. Wish I could Crochet. =(

    A Mom that has spent WAY too much time at DeVos.

  15. Rosie's family will be in my prayers. I love the idea and I do think it makes a HUGE difference. I had a munchkin that was stillborn at 20 weeks. Even though the Lord had already taken him, just knowing that the nurses took the time to put a hat on his tiny head and bundle him up made me so grateful. I have happier memories of him because of it. I think Rosie's Cozies will touch many lives and I am thrilled to be a part of it in honor of her.



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