Sunday, July 31, 2011

Clutch Review from Something Diane Made

I love the blogging community. I am continually amazed at the connections I make with people from all over, but also from those who shared my hometown! Diane from Something Diane Made is one of those friends in my bloggy/Internet world. Oddly enough, we went to high school together, but never really knew each other then. We reconnected in the world of blogging and social networking and have shared a love for crochet and crafting.

Recently Diane sent me one of her newest products, an adorable clutch purse. I was more than thrilled when I saw this fabulous purse! My first thought was that it would be the cutest and perfect sized purse for a pack of wipes and dipes. Am I in baby mode or what?!?! I then smartened up and told myself that this cute little bag was all mine and NOT to be used for baby items. I was keeping this one for myself. However, for those of you looking for a cute dipes/wipes case, this would be ideal!

Diane has tons of patterns and colors to choose from, as well as the option for a crocheted flower (obviously, this lady opted for anything crochet!). It is the perfect size for the essentials: lip gloss, wallet, cell phone, and keys. Perfect for a night out without dragging all of the junk I shove into my other purses because I am too lazy to clean them!

Diane is so sweet. She was the first person to give me a gift for Baby Thompson #2 and has donated some insanely cute hats to Rosie's Cozies! She is also so sweet that she is offering a pre-sale on these clutches on Facebook before listing them in Etsy.

From now until Wednesday you can purchase one (or 2,3,10...) of these for $20 and FREE SHIPPING! Don't you hate paying for shipping?!?! After Wednesday they will be listed in her Etsy shop for $24 and $2.50 shipping. So what are you waiting for? Get a headstart on that Christmas shopping!

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  1. Oohh, yours is SO cute! I bought one earlier this week and CANT WAIT to get it in the mail!! Isn't it hard sometimes to dedicate your purses/bag to YOUR OWN things? Against my inner protests, I'm sure I'll still stuff a diaper or small pack of wipes in mine... 0:)



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