Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Anyone With Me?

Hi all!  Look, another blog post so soon!

I have been debating making myself a sweater for awhile.  It is hard, because many patterns out there aren't real hip and look a little too matronly for me.  Today, I was reading other crochet blogs and I saw this pattern.  I felt like it was THE sweater to do.  It was cute, looked simple, and the big ol' bow made it unique.

I just posted asking people for advice on what color to make.  It seemed every color suggested would have been awesome!  Navy or gray would make it a great neutral, but I wondered if a bright green or yellow would give this piece more of a statement.  I have decided on the latter.  My first gut was to do a kelly green, and I think that is what I am going to go for.  Maybe when I get to the yarn shop I'll think otherwise, but for now that is my plan.

I wondered if anyone want to do this with me and we could compare how the project is going?  Right now I have about 4 orders to complete, and then I am taking some time off of orders to focus solely on pattern writing and making stuff for fun.  Not that orders aren't fun, but it's is always nice to not have a deadline hanging on my calendar.

You can purchase the pattern here.  So, who is with me?  What color are you going to do?

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