Saturday, December 1, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Charity Challenge

Bonnie from Sunset Crochet is hosting the 12 days of Christmas Charity Challenge that starts today!  The challenge is to make 12 baby hats, share a picture of the hats you make, and then donate them to your local NICU.

To commit to the challenge, leave a comment here with your email address.  Bonnie will then send you a PDF of 12 FREE preemie patterns made from 9 different designers.  I am honored to say that I designed one of the hats for this challenge!  I have seen all of the patterns and they are gorgeous!

So, get out those crochet hooks, your baby yarn, and start making some teeny tiny hats!  For those of you who have followed me for awhile you know the heart I have to make special hats for babies in NICUS through Rosie's Cozies.  This challenge could not be more perfect for me!  If you do not have a local NICU you may send hats to me to donate to our NICU here in Grand Rapids at

Rosie's Cozies
6026 Kalamazoo Ave SE #119
Kentwood, MI 49508

Please share your gifts and talents this Christmas by committing to this challenge :-)

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  1. I would like to commit to the challenge and donate to my local NICU.
    Many thanks for what you're doing!
    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. I'd like to help with this but I don't want to put my e-mail out to everyone. Anyway I can contact you to give it to you.

  3. HI. I am working on your bobble beanie hat for the challange but am not sure if I did something wrong. I am on row 6 and I am not sure if the hat is taking on the right shape. It looks like it is more "flat" than taking on a hat shape. Should I just keep going. Wanted to check since I found your site. Thanks....Karen

  4. please send me the patterns. I will be donating the hats to McGee hospital in Pittsburgh pa.

  5. I will be donating the hats I make to the NICU in Vanderbilt , Please send patterns to Thanks and have a Merry Christmas.,,Teresa



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