Monday, December 3, 2012

A Craft Show

Things have been hectic around here.  Once the colder weather hits the orders start flying in like crazy! I have been filling orders, as well as trying to prepare for a craft show.  I forgot how much I love craft shows.  I love using my own creative thought to pick out style and colors.  It is even more exciting when something I am so proud of sells at a show.

Today I participated in my first craft show in 2 years!  I know these things can be hit or miss, so I tried not to get my hopes up, and told myself to keep an open mind.  The first hour and a half were REALLY slow.  The only sale I made was one to a good friend of mine, so I figured that didn't count :-)  I was getting a bit deflated and began to wonder if I had priced things too high, or if I should have had more of certain sizes or styles.  Thankfully, within the last two hour of the show I did some major selling, and I was more than thrilled!

Things I want to take note for next time:

  1. It is nice to have smaller items like hair clips and necklaces because although it doesn't rake in loads of dough per item, people can justify $5 here or there for a cute accessory.  A hat for $20+ is a much bigger commitment than a hair clip :-)  
  2. Have more in boy sizes from 6-12 months.  This seemed to be a size a lot of people were asking for and I had a ton of 3-6 and 12-24 months, but not much for the 6-12 month age.  Also, newsboy hats were a hit.
  3. Don't forget your business cards on your counter at home!  Ugh, I specifically grabbed them this morning to make sure I didn't forget them...and then I grabbed my coffee and not my business cards.  Whoops! 

Blurry, but the only pic I got of the table.  I should have taken more!

My famous hat rack.  It got just as many comments as my hats did!
All in all it was a success in my book, and it helped a family raise money to move to Africa!  Win-win! I still have quite a few items left that I will be posting in a Ready to Ship album on Facebook.  Time to finish up that Christmas shopping!

BTW, who has been working on their 12 Days of Christmas Charity Challenge?  I am behind and need to get to work!

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  1. I have 6 hats done so far. I cant wait to donate them!



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