Monday, November 5, 2012

Boots, Boots, Boots!

If you follow me on Facebook at all you may have noticed a slight obsession with crocheting boots.  We had family pictures this past Saturday, and I wanted something cute and unique to put on the girls that would stand out in the pictures.  I found this pattern from Two Girls Patterns.  I have bought their stuff in the past and have always been extremely impressed with how easy their directions are.  Loads of pictures, many notes about how to complete the project, and of course my favorite--stitch counts!

I have always struggled with doing booties....which I talk all about here.  I don't know what my deal is. For some reason they always ended up coming out all wonky (yes, that is a legit word in my dictionary), and never near is adorable as the designer's photos.  I was so happy when I created these boots and they turned out JUST as cute as the pattern pictures.

The loop stitch is something new for me, but it was quite easy to figure out.  The pattern itself is really forgiving as far as getting your hook into the right spot and starting your first stitch in in the right place. As long as you start at the middle back of the bootie, then you end up all good.  I had to play around on some rounds slip stitching into the top chain or the first stitch but either way it always worked out!

The greatest part of these boots is that they STAY ON.  I have made many booties that are cute, but really are useless and impractical.  It doesn't matter how cute they are if they don't stay on, right?  I can't wait to see how our family pictures turned out with both girls wearing these.  I will be sure to post them to share :-)

Oh, and once I did the furry boots I wanted something for boys, so I bought their cable boots pattern.  This turned out adorable, but was much more work.  It might be me, but I had to really focus on where I was putting my stitches, how many, and stick close to the pattern.  This isn't a problem if I am working after the kids are in bed, but I tried to make this one when they were up and it was slow going.

So, go buy tons of patterns from Two Girls Patterns!  They are adorable and well worth it!  I still have my eye on a few others I want to try!      

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  1. They are adorable. I have never been a fan of loops but I just might give them another try.

  2. They came out great! I love making boots /slippers too! I know how wonky they can come out too:)

  3. What a pair of cuties!!! I have the same problem as you ...I love crocheted booties or Mary Jane slippers but I find them quite problematic. It annoys me greatly I can sit down and do the most complicated piece of lace crochet and cannot do some simple booties right....tch! how annoying!!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  4. the shoe is very cute, very warm



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