Monday, August 20, 2012


Again, I have gone far too long without posting.  I am sorry for this, and hope to do better!  Often, I have nothing crochet related to chat about I don't really know what to put here.  Maybe it means I need to do more exciting things with my crocheting :-)

I have finally decided to complete a basic beanie pattern.  Christine from My Sweet Potato 3 actually inspired me to finally do it.  She was the one who made that awesome soccer ball pattern awhile ago, and she and I have tested patterns for each other here and there.  Her designs are amazing!  I had told (typed) her that I wish I had more time to do all the designing that she does and she told me to just get that basic beanie down, and then the rest would come easier.  I knew she was right, and I had been putting it off for so long.  Figuring out my own beanie when there are 100s of patterns out there would take some thinking AND the sizing was going to make me crazy!  I hate figuring out sizing.  The pattern is still in the testing phase, but it is written and is being tweaked.

Pretty, pretty beanies!

In other crochet news, I have this pattern in the working phase.

Parrot Head

I have one size completed, but need to write up the add-ons for the smaller sizes.  It is so hard to come up with a pattern not already out there.  I would come up with ideas, search around a bit, and inevitably find someone who has already written a pattern, and theirs was really why recreate the wheel, right?  Has anyone tried to find a pattern for something and didn't come up with much?  I'd love some feedback on what people want and  what patterns they would love to see.

I am learning that this world of pattern designing takes a lot of thinking out of the box!  Slowly, but surely I am adding patterns to my shop.  Maybe in a couple of years I will have a good collection going :-)

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