Monday, August 20, 2012

Buy A Hat, Give A Hat

I love Christine from My Sweet Potato 3!  She is helping me raise hats for my 5k race for Rosie's Cozies!  I you can't crochet, but want to help out, please consider buying a hat from her and she will in turn create a hat to donate to Rosie's Cozies!  If you were thinking about ordering a hat for this fall or winter, think no more!  Buy one from Christine and in turn you will be helping out Rosie's Cozies!  It also helps that she has THE MOST adorable items!  TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ORDER!

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  1. Thanks Betsy, I just saw this post! I am adding 2 more hats to my pledge this morning for a total of 14! Thanks for the inspirations!



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