Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Running for Rosie

This girl hates to exercise. I hate running. Hate it. However, for some reason I have chosen to run a 5k. Let me tell you that when I made this decision I am sure my husband, family, and friends all had a good laugh...or some form of heart dysfunction.

I came to this decision after just turning 29.  I feel like running a 5k would be a great goal to accomplish before I turn 30.   I also feel like this baby weight after #2 is taking much too long to just magically melt off. That's how it works, right? So, I feel like it's time to get healthier before I hit the big 3-0.

You can read about how my training has been going here, but right now I want to talk about something bigger than my own personal reasons for running.  Lately, I had been thinking about how this running thing is great and all for me, but I felt like I could make it much more beyond me and much more impactful.  I have heard of people running races for different things, and raising money for different causes.  It was sort of a no-brainer as to what cause I could run for :-)  Obviously, Rosie's Cozies is near and dear to my heart, so it was the clear choice.

In thinking this through it made sense to ask people to pledge to make a certain number of hats or to donate money to give to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.  Some people can give of their talents, and others can give of their money.  Both are equally important!

I have no idea how to make this official, or if there is even a way to do that, so this blog post is the official launch of my "Running for Rosie" cause :-)  I really thought through what my goals should be, and I think we can raise 1000 hats and $1000.  I want to post this early and have people start pledging, so there is time to get those hands moving and making hats.  Even one hat or one dollar gets us closer to our goal :-)

So, I will be training and running the Grand Rapids Bridge Run on September 16th (Belle's birthday), and hoping to raise 1000 hats and $1000.  Can you help??

I will post soon about how and where to donate :-)

(If any of you live in West Michigan and want to run and raise hats also, let's do it!)

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  1. Count me in! Because of Rosie's Cozie's, I've been making preemie hats already this year . . . what's a few more . . . I'll pledge 50 hats.

  2. The super classy look oyeah , gotta fun with it . its good

  3. the shoe is very comfortable, very nice



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