Sunday, October 3, 2010

Baby Set

My favorite part of crocheting is creating new things and picking out the colors. I also love to try out new patterns. One of my greatest friends just had a baby--side note, it's amazing how quickly holding a newborn brings on baby fever--anyway, I wanted to make them something for her newborn pics. I have really worked hard this week on many orders and was able to catch up enough to take some time to make this cute little set.

My only instructions were to make a hat with a flower in fall colors. Thankfully, I had just bought a pile of fall-colored yarn and was DYING to use them. I knew I wanted to make a hat, but thought I might try my hand at a diaper cover. I found the greatest pattern off of Ravelry. Don't worry, I will share this at the end of the post. I bet you this entire set was complete in about an hour and a half.

The hat was something I created myself, and I think I might write down the pattern, even though it is very simple. I am constantly making newborn hats without a pattern and debating on how many increase rows to make and how long to make the hat. Once the professional pics of this set are complete I will post the pattern for the hat with it :-)
I can't wait to see this on Rory and to see those ruffles on her bootsy! Maybe I need to quick whip up a pair of booties to match! Any suggestions on what kind of booties I should make? Mary janes? Boots? Slippers?

Oh, and as I promised, the link to the diaper cover: Diaper Cover

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  1. I have to made that diaper cover look awesome! I have looked at that pattern many times, and I keep passing it by. Might give it a try now!

  2. Do you have the pattern for the set?

  3. Did you ever write down the pattern for the hat?

  4. I would love a pattern for the set. I don't have a google account but if you answer here, I will see it. Also, this is coming up under my daughter's google account. The pattern is beautiful!!!



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