Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So Much To Share...And A Sneak Peak!

My life has been so hectic and busy lately, that I feel like I barely get time to sit back and really relax without thinking of what I have to do the next day. Things have been good, though, and I am learning how to manage my time!

Last night I went to my first ever Matilda Jane Trunk Show....and it was the first ever trunk show I did to sell my own things! It was so much fun and I cannot believe the amount of orders I took. Seriously, any orders from here on out won't be able to be fulfilled until after Christmas. I can tell that everyone is thinking about getting hats for the cooler weather coming up! It feels good that I am making money doing what I love, but it is also overwhelming to think of all of the work I have ahead of me. All in all, I'm flattered that there was such an interest in my hats.

Due to the great outcome of the trunk show, I allowed myself the opportunity to splurge on something for Belle. Let's be honest here. I am a Dutch girl who majored in Social Work. I am cheap. I am really cheap. So, Matilda Jane clothing is not really the type of stuff I would ever consider purchasing for Belle. I don't even spend that much on my clothing, let alone a growing girl! However, I took the opportunity to really buy something adorable for her. This is what I got:

Adorable, huh? The upside (my cheap bone is really sticking out here), the skirt can be worn year round with or without leggings, AND I am praying it fits her waist till she is about...oh, 10? Haha, well, at least 3. If I spent $60 on this sucker, it better last forever!
Okay, now onto the fun stuff! I realize this post is insanely long, but bear with me. The fun exciting stuff is this next part...a giveaway!

You know how I was just talking about how busy I have been lately? Well, Monday I got these babies in the mail from Diane from Something Diane Made. These are NOT your grandma's slippers!

Diane and I attended the same high school, although didn't really connect until recently with our mutual LOVE for all things crochet :-) She has recently opened up an Etsy shop and has major cute things for sale!! She wanted to share these slippers she made with me so I could give you a sneak peek of what one lucky person is going to win!

I'll introduce Diane more on Thursday and let you know how you can win a pair of these slippers. TRUST ME, you will want a pair for the cooler weather coming up. I love coming home from my internship, slipping off my heels, and spoiling my feet in these :-)

In the meantime, check out her Etsy shop, Something Diane Made and her blog and drool over all the other lovely items this girl makes!

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  1. The Jesse is adorable! I got the Gretchen for my daughter Tillie. Enjoy the Matilda Jane. It's addicting!

  2. Adorable skirt! Love it! The slippers look so comfy!

  3. hang in there with being busy, my dear. i think of you often as i'm doing things (chores, being at work, cooking) and wishing i was in your shoes... crocheting and selling tons of stuff. i read your posts on FB and am so glad you are experiencing such success! i only hope to follow in your footsteps very soon. i'm glad to hear the trunk show was a great experience for you!

  4. Cute skirt! I love those colors together!



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