Thursday, September 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Belle!

Dear Belle,

One year ago today you came into this world and life has never been the same. I can hardly believe how much things have changed in the past year! You have sure brought us so much joy! I have been reflecting on life this past year and all of the things I love about you, as well as how much you have taught me. Never has anyone impacted my life so greatly as you. So, without further ado, my reflections of this year:

1. I love how you tricked us all by coming out with a head full of dark hair. I had all of these great ideas of how I would style it as it kept growing longer and longer. Instead, it all fell out until you were almost bald and has somehow come back blonde!

2. I love how good you make cellulite look.

3. I absolutely love that your daddy is your favorite person ever (I am happy to take a close second). When he comes home from work your smile couldn't be bigger and you couldn't crawl quick enough over to him to meet him.

4. I love that you are fearless...this is clearly from your dad. Granted, your fearlessness has led to you falling head first off of our bed and taking a few spills in the tub. Either way you seem to keep on going and you don't seem to mind those bumps and bruises.

5. Oh, those blue eyes. I know it might sound silly, but I was hoping and praying you would have my blue eyes.

6. This may be trouble later, but I love how social you are! You charm the pants off of everyone when we go to Meijer. You smile and kick your legs and even wave. The "Stranger Danger" conversation might have to happen early on!

7. I love how being your mom has enlightened me about my own mom....your Meme. Loving you has taught me how much my own mom loves me.

8. You have taught me that putting my needs/wants aside isn't always easy, but that there are much more important things in life than taking care of myself first.

9. Mac is your best friend. Seriously. Who cares that he is a pit bull who is 3x your size. You feel you have the right to pull on his ears, poke his eyes, try to sit on him, eat his food, try to eat his tail, and laugh at him hysterically when he is barking. You two really are best buds and he is one protective dog. That boy sits outside your bedroom when you cry and sometimes I have to drag him out of your room when I put you down for a nap.

10. We love you dearly, but have enjoyed many laughs at your fat belly, your big head, and your tiny feet.

11. You scrunch your nose when you smile, and it makes me smile EVERYTIME.

12. You took 8 months to roll over and I NEVER thought you would actually figure it out. Once you did, there was no stopping you.

13. The first six weeks of your life may have been the most difficult time of my life ever. I loved you SO much, but I was sleep deprived and you felt the need to stay awake all day. People told me to "sleep when the baby sleeps," and I just kept wondering when the baby would sleep...

14. You have so many names. Isabelle. Belle. Booskie. Belle-a-Boo. Bellsie-boo. Boosee. Drama. Fatso.

15. I am amazed at how many times one little person can be sick in one season.

16. Nothing is cuter than a naked baby.

17. You have made me fall more in love with your daddy. Seeing him as a father is one of the hottest things ever (someday when you read this you will be so grossed out).

18. I have learned that you are a creature of habit like your mama. You like things the same. You like naps at the same time everyday and you are like clockwork (usually).

19. It is so amazing to see physical attributes and character traits of myself in another little person.

20. Most of all, I want to thank you. You gave me the greatest gift ever. You made me a mom.

Happy Birthday, Belle! We love you so much and feel so blessed to have you. God has given us one amazing little girl!

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  1. Yes, happy birthday, Belle! I love the pics and your sweet message to her. I hope you guys have a great week of celebration planned! (I always like to drag my bday out for at least a week at my house!)

  2. Happy Birthday, Belle! What a beautiful little girl she is, Betsy! Isn't being a mom the most fantastic job ever?



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