Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Collection Time!

I need to apologize. I have hardly posted, and I am sorry to those who have wondered where I have been.

Basically, I had a baby in January and put this side of my life on hold for awhile. This usually happens every time I have had a baby.  There are seasons in life where we need to put one thing down to make room for another, and this guy was well worth the break.

However, my hands miss playing with yarn, and we are LONG overdue for another collection.  I have been putting off setting a collection date until I wrote up a few patterns, but I have decided to just go with it already and patterns will come (hopefully)!

Our NEXT Rosie's Cozies collection date is going to be January 1st.  We discussed a Pixar/Disney theme on the Facebook page.  Currently, I am open to patterns to post for people who want to stay true to theme, so feel free to design and send me links!

As ALWAY we collect ALL hats even if they aren't within the theme.  I am sure that the NICU will have a few people who prefer not to put a minion hat on their new teeny tiny baby!

Thank you do all those who have been patiently waiting! I am glad to get back in the groove and to start putting hats on those sweet babes!

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