Monday, August 19, 2013

Holiday Preemie Patterns

OOOOKAY, so I am struggling to find patterns specific to Fall, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas.  Below is the list I have compiled, and it is pretty pathetic:

I am asking for some help!  Please consider designing some patterns for us, or even doing some searching around!  I would love to add some footballs, witches, Santa hats, turkeys, gingerbread men, Frankensteins, etc.  I even think a prince or princess hat would be adorable as a costume for those babes  on Halloween!  Something....ANYTHING!  If you are willing to write up a pattern please email me at, or comment on here or on Facebook.  I would love to make this list much larger so people have loads of ideas to choose from.


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  1. So far for this drop I have made a pumpkin, an apple, a football, a gingerbread man. I also have other ideas just have to see how they play out.

  2. I wrote up a pattern with bunny or bear ears. There is also a variation with a bow. You can find it here...

    Also I have a whole pinboard for crochet hats. They are not all preemie/newborn and not all free but it's a resource nonetheless. It can be found here...

    I hope this helps!

  3. I am going to write up a football hat pattern :)



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