Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Running for Rosie: Round 2

Do you all remember when I ran my first ever 5K last September?!?!  We raised almost 1000 hats and OVER $1000 for Helen DeVos Children's Hospital here in Grand Rapids!  It was awesome!

I have to admit that I have not put on my running shoes much since then.  I have wanted to, but haven't been very motivated.  Recently, I learned of the Color Me Rad Race that is happening  here in Grand Rapids the end of May.  The kicker for me was that Helen DeVos Children's Hospital was the charity benefiting from this race.  Obviously, this meant it was time to lace up my running shoes!

This time I am not making a hat goal.  We have a couple hat collections going on right now, so instead we are just sticking to the monetary goal.  I actually have quite the large team forming of people who are committing to "Run for Rosie," and I cannot wait!  You can help out too!  You can either run with us or donate to our race!

If you would like to donate to Helen DeVos through our running check out this site here.
If you would like to run with us check out this site and join the "Running for Rosie" team with the team captain "Thompson."

So, PLEASE consider helping us out!!!  Whether you run or donate $5, it all helps!

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