Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Blog Auction for Adoption

My sister and her husband are adopting from Ethiopia. They have three beautiful girls already, and have felt called to adopt a little boy. Hearing about their process has taught me a lot about the "long haul" of adoption, especially international adoption. I have learned that it takes a lot of trust, loads of patience, strength and perseverance, combined with a hefty price tag! The cost of adoption is upwards of $30,000 (now you see why this process takes a lot of trust!).

Jill and Jason had a fundraiser last May that was a huge success. They raised $10,000! God has been blessing them throughout this journey and has continually been showing himself and his hand through this process.

That being said, they still have some huge expenses coming up. Once they get their referral they will have to make 2 trips to Ethiopia before they can bring home their son. This is not a cheap endeavor (especially for a SAHM and Christian school teacher). So, I have really felt called to help them out.

Yesterday I came up with the idea of having a "Blog Auction" for them with some of the items I have had in my inventory for awhile. As I was thinking through this, I thought I would also ask if anyone wanted to donate their own items to this auction. I know that there are a ton of crafty people out there who are trying to get their name out, so this would be a great way for some free publicity, while helping out a good cause.

Here is how it will work. I have yet to figure out exactly when I will be doing this, but I am hoping to make it a week long event. As of now, I am planning on making each item a separate post so bids (comments) can be made easily. I will be the "middle man" for those who are donating items. I will send the winners invoices through Paypal, and then send the donors information on the winner. More details will come later, but this is how I am imagining this happening.

If you would like to donate please comment here or email me at If you would like to bid on items stay tuned for more information on dates! So far we have crocheted items up for auction, IKEA products, photography packages, POSSIBLY Red Wings tickets, and some other baby items.

Thanks in advance to everyone who participates and helps out in any way, whether it be donating or bidding. You will be a part of bringing my nephew home from Africa!

To learn more about my sister and brother-in-law's adoption journey check out their blog, Five and Counting.

(please pass the word along too!)

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  1. I'm in - for donating something :)

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  3. my sister adopted a little boy from ethiopia last year this about this same time. omg he is so super cute! i really wish we lived closer so we could be with them more often. i will email her blog to you, due to her privacy :), she doesn't update hardly at all but it may be a way to contact my sister if your sister would like to ask her questions. i hope all goes smoothly.



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