Sunday, April 18, 2010

Marilyn Marie

My friend from college, Shawna, had asked me to make a hat for her friend's baby, Marilyn. Marilyn was born way too early and is a teeny tiny micro preemie. Shawna told me to make the hat for a 3lb baby. I used the pattern I posted in my last post. This hat was SO tiny, and it looks like the hat was even a little big for Marilyn! Looks like I might tweek my pattern for a baby this small. I just didn't realize how little their heads could be.

Anyway, Shawna took pictures of little Marilyn yesterday in the hat I made for her. It is so adorable because the hat is one of my Mega Flower Beanies and the flower is bigger than her head! The pictures remind me of how powerful God is. This baby was born way too early and so small, yet she is going to be okay. I can't imagine how someone so small can make it, but God is good and is taking care of her. She is another one of God's amazing, but teeny tiny miracles.

Shawna told me that the hat was the talk of the NICU and one of the nurses is in charge of creating the March of Dimes poster for Ann Arbor and is putting one of Shawna's pics (so exciting for her!) on the poster, AND it will be a pic of Marilyn in my hat! They also want my business card to give to families in their NICU to buy hats for their little miracles!

I have to say, that although I LOVE to crochet it makes it even more worth it when I get to see my hats on the recipients. This hat in particular has really touched me. Seeing the pictures of this little girl with tubes all around her, but with this HUGE flower on her head just brings a smile to my face. I know it is just a hat, but I hope it has brought joy to this family and that I will be able to make little Marilyn bigger hats as she grows and gets stronger.

God is so good.

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  1. oh my goodness - so tiny. Hugs and prayers. The hat is beautiful.

  2. My daughter was born Christmas morning 9 weeks early. She was 2 1/2 pounds!! Seeing this little baby and tiny hat makes me wish I was crocheting then.
    Your blog is amazing, thank you SO MUCH for sharing:)

  3. These pictures are adorable! What a gorgeous little miracle baby. My son was born May 10/2010 and weighed in at 3lbs 13oz... he was 8 weeks early. What a great blog you've got here! I just stumbled on it today and have been thoroughly enjoying my time here!

  4. As the mom of a 32 weeker, this is so precious! you did an amazing job on that hat!!

  5. The flower is bigger than her. How sweet. I hope she has done well. My daughter gave birth at 28 weeks. My granddaughter only lived one day. Her twin brother is an active 19 month old. They were 2 lbs. Those are such hard days.



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