Friday, January 4, 2013

It's A Zoo!

After hearing that all of the Rosie's Cozies we dropped off recently have already been snatched up, I realize that although this is an on-going collection, it's always nice to have a big push for hats and a timeline.  It keeps things exciting and I LOVE dropping off so many at a time.

I have found that a ton of the loved favorites are the animals hats.  I felt that this might be a good theme to go off of for our next drop-off.  How fun would it be to fill the NICUs with babies wearing teeny tiny owl, dog, lion, bear, cat, etc hats?!?!

This round of hats I would LOVE to offer a plea out to designers to help me out.  I have an owl and monkey hat pattern, but I would love to share this with other designers.  I took part in Sunset Crochet's 12 Days of Giveway this past Christmas as a designer and I loved it!  It was awesome to see so many people making hats and their adorable pictures.

So, here is my thought.  I would love for designers to offer up some free patterns for animal preemie/newborn hats.  I could post a link to your blog from here, or I could directly post the pattern onto my site (and obviously give you credit and links to your FB or shop site).  I would love for you to include in your pattern the hook size, yarn used, and overall dimensions of your final product.

I would love if we could collect 500 hats.  I know these kind of hats can take a lot longer, so I didn't want to make our goal too lofty.

If you are interested in designing a pattern please email me at  I would like the final pattern to be completed by January 18, so I can post them that following weekend.  I haven't decided the final date on hat collection.  I am still working that out to give enough time for the patterns to be made and for people to be able to spend some time on these as they will take longer.  In the meantime, those of you who want to get started can start mailing me hats now!

So, there are two ways you can help:

  1. Design an animal hat pattern that is free for us to use to make some Rosie's Cozies
  2. Crochet/Knit some animal hats and mail them to me or donate them to your local NICU

Hopefully, I find a zoo in my mailbox soon!

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  1. I was part of the Sunset Crochet 12 Preemie hat challenge :)
    I am not very good at designing, but I will certainly take part in making them!

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  3. Sorry my computer messed up and deleted my post. This is what I wrote.

    I am new to crocheting so I don't know how to make a pattern but I would love to make hats for Rosie's Cozies.

  4. I participated in Sunset Crochet's Preemie Hat Challenge, and would love to participate in a Zoo Hat Challenge for Rosie's Cozies. I am not a designer so I can't contribute a pattern, but Crocheting is my addiction of choice, so count me in! ~Corrine

  5. I participated in the 12 day challenge as well. I an not a designer but will make the hats. How do I get the patterns?




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