Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Knitting Endeavor

For some reason I got the bug to try to learn how to knit.  I think that for so long I just got sick of wondering what life was like on the "other side."  I was curious how knitters made their cables, their intricate stitch patterns, and how they really made art out of those two needles rather than one hook.

The two things I dislike the most about knitting:

  1. Fixing a mistake is scarier and much harder.  With crochet you can just rip out the piece past the mistake and start over.  No harm done.  With knit it is a matter of reinserting needles and trying not to pull to hard on the piece so the loops don't fall through.
  2. SO much equipment is needed!  I had no idea that you couldn't just use some basic knitting needles to make everything!  Apparently, there are double-pointed needles, circular needles, cable needles, and who knows what else!  Buying a set of crochet hooks can cost as little at $20, while purchasing an interchangeable knitting needle set is at least $50!  
However, I do love the look of knitting, and am happy I can now say I know how to knit....and purl (increase, decrease, and even some cables!).  

I found that knitting takes much longer also.  It is hard to go from being able to finish a crocheted project in an hour or so, to a knit dishcloth taking a few hours.  I tend to give up on projects that take too long, so this would mean I have to have a it more discipline to keep going---or take on smaller projects :-)

I plan on continuing to practice and try new things, and hopefully this knitting thing won't really feel any harder or easier than crocheting.  I'd really like to have knowledge on both.  I have to remind myself that I have been crocheting for 8 years, so hopefully 8 years from now I will be able to knit in my sleep :-)

I think I got a bit of that knitting itch, however, I still think I lean towards my first love of crochet.

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  1. I tool am a crocheter and find knitting laborious, boring work. I've found that Tunisian crochet looks ery similar to knitting and is as fast as crochet. Maybe you'd enjoy that more?

    1. Also, Linda Permann and Holland Designs have some amazing faux knit techniques using a standard crochet hook that are nearly indistinguishable! I made a mock knit hat and layer it next to an actual knitted one and my husband, who used to prefer knitting, could not tell the difference! I loved the look of knitting, but I love the speed and ease of crochet, so I pretty much only crochet knot look items now.

  2. You will get faster and faster the more you do it, too! I love knit and crochet for different reasons but my husband always prefers knit hats because he thinks they look more "manly" :)

  3. I love to crochet and taught myself to knit a couple of years ago. I "practice" knit for months before I actually made a project, this kept the pressure to be perfect at bay. When I finally made a pair of booties, it was a cinch! Now I have crochet and knit projects going, so if I get bored or find what I am doing tedious, I just switch to the other for a bit. Happy hooking!

  4. Well your knitting looks very neat for a beginner. I think you will be an expert in no time. Lacy patterns knit up really quickly or you can knit with thicker yarn if you want to whip things up quickly. I learned to knit when I was little and only learned to crochet a few years back. I do agree, crochet is much quicker and easier but I still love knitting. :-)

  5. I use to knit obsessively . . . Until I discovered knit look crochet! I don't miss those dropped stitches, blankets coming unraveled, and hours and hours to complete a sweater.

  6. Hello Betsy

    like yourself I am also attracted to knitting but my sister's have given up trying to teach me always looks a depressing mess and I get more irritated with the results than being peeved that I don't knit. I have crocheted for over 40 years and it just comes so naturally now that I turn back to that every-time. Your first steps in knitting certainly looks much much better than looks so neat and I like the colour yarn you are using too.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)



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