Friday, September 7, 2012

My Life (Other Than Crochet)

I realize that it has been awhile since I have followed up with what is happening in my life personally. I recently had someone who I know via the internet remind me that I hadn't been blogging much and she asked how my girls were doing. Sometimes I forget that this is a place that I can share more than just crochet related information :-) It was sweet to know that someone out there remembered the other parts of my life and wanted to know how everything was!

So, here is the scoop: LIFE IS GOOD. I love the stage my girls are at right now. Belle is almost three and starting preschool next week! She is full of sass, hilarious comments, and so much joy. She has a load of personality and keeps me on my toes! This past year she has really gone from toddler to little girl. She wants to do everything herself, yet still wants me to do everything....if that even makes sense.

Evie is seriously the easiest baby ever. She smiles at EVERYTHING and thinks everything is funny. She is crawling everywhere and pulling herself up on tables and chairs. She is definitely at the stage where she puts everything in her mouth. That girl and the dog food. What is it with babies and dog bowls?!?!?

We had an amazing summer chuck full of family and friends, and even welcomed a new nephew, Kahsay, from Ethiopia. We went to Traverse City, Silver Lake, the zoo, and had an amazing weekend over the bridge in Naubinway. It was a great summer, but I am looking forward to that fall weather I love so much. Donuts, apples, hay rides, and pumpkins!

On the crochet front I have found that life is just different with two little ones. Filling orders is harder and at the end of the day I clean up the house and just want to sit. Don't get my wrong....crocheting is my therapy, but sometimes when you do order after order it can get to be more of a job and not so much a hobby. I will still be doing some orders this year, but it will be much less than a couple of years ago.

Life is good. It is real good. We are blessed.

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  1. so glad everything is going good, I have been blogging here a there but I haven't been catching up on all my fave blogs (that is what I meant yesterday). :o) the girls are absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Well, it was a good reminder to me to catch everyone up on my life! It really was sweet that you remembered about my girls and wondered how they were :-) It's amazing how we have these internet friends and this entire community of people who care about each other :-)

  2. What a lovely post- glad to hear that everything's well with you all. Have a great week. Xx



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