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Hats for Rosie's Cozies made by Irina Hubbard.  You can find a pattern to the heart applique on her blog at:   

This past week Lion Brand Yarn Company featured Rosie's Cozies in their newsletter the "Weekly Stitch." Big deal? HUGE HUGE HUGE deal! You can read the article here.

First and foremost, I must thank Justin De Graaf. Justin is a friend of Megan and Ryan (Rosie's parents) and put the bug in a former colleague's ear at Lion Brand about Rosie's Cozies. Needless to say, that "bug" doubled the Rosie's Cozies Facebook page from 200 to 400 fans (and still climbing)! It has also kept me very busy answering emails and responses from LOADS of amazing people who want to help out. Being busy with this kind of work is a huge blessing!

Second, thank you to all of you who have responded to the newsletter, as well as my pleading for restocking of hats at Helen Devos Children's Hospital. Others have chosen to give to their own local NICUs, which is just as important and appreciated. Rosie's Cozies could not exist without your selfless hands that so lovingly create hats for those sweet babes.

Many of you have shared your own personal stories of babies born to soon--some of them are thriving and healthy, and others have sadly lost the battle for their lives. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for reaching out to other tiny babies and their families. Thank you for YOUR story and YOUR piece to this project. May God bless each of you and your families in amazing ways.

I have been thinking about the huge outpouring and large response from people wanting to get involved in this project. The only word that comes to mind is "floored." Well, probably "blessed" too, but that is a given :-) Never in my life have I felt more proud of a project I have headed. In complete honesty, I truly believe that God had me pick up my first crochet hook for the sole purpose of Rosie's Cozies. I feel that the entire reason I know how to crochet was all for this project. Sure, I enjoy creating patterns and filling orders, but nothing I have ever done through crochet has ever compared to Rosie's Cozies. I am beyond humbled and am so gracious for each person who has made Rosie's Cozies successful. We are honoring Rose and her family's life and legacy, as well as each baby who wears our hats.

On an exciting side note--Megan and Ryan have recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Ilah Rose! Megan has said that she feels Ilah was Rose's gift to them. Had Rose's story been different, Ilah would not have been here. Congratulations to them and their new little blessing!

(Also, check out Sew Hooked Crochet Designs by Erin Barbarito.  For every purchase in her Etsy shop this weekend, she is donating a preemie hat in your name to Rosie's Cozies! THANK YOU ERIN!)

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