Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rosie's Cozies Tips and Ways to Help

I had mentioned that I would write a post about some tips I received from a wonderful woman at Helen DeVos Children's hospital regarding the hats donated. She was very honest, which I was thankful for. I want to be sure that all the work done on these hats is used! Each of you who have donated put in so much time that I want to make sure it is being put to good use!

So, here are the tips:
1. Use a soft yarn. Sometimes the Sugar 'n' Cream yarn gets a little rough. I also think Red Heart is too rough, unless it's the soft stuff. I suggest Bernat Satin, I Love This Yarn, Red Heart Soft, or any of the baby yarns out there.

2. MUST HAVE STRETCH. The hats need to have stretch to be sure they fit the babies well, but don't hurt their little heads by being to tight. The stretch also helps them stay on their heads. Anyone with suggestions on who to be sure there is more stretch? My only thought is maybe using a larger hook?

3. Preemie sizes are very much needed still! However, there is a need for sizes for babies in the 6-8lb range or so. Not all babies in the NICU are preemies. Some babies come there full term, and they need little hats too.

4. If you would rather not make hats, they also accept bereavement blankets. These should be white. I found this online for measurements:

Preemie Small 12 by 12 inches to 18 by 18 inches

Preemie Medium 20 by 20 inches to 22 by 22 inches

Preemie Large 22 by 22 inches to 24 by 24 inches

Full-Term 26 by 26 inches to 28 by 28 inches

Lastly, I have been debating on posting this or not, and have finally decided to go ahead with it. Many people want to help with Rosie's Cozies in some way, but aren't crocheters or knitters. I don't need any yarn donations, as my stash is insanely huge and the hats take very little yarn.

Right now the biggest cost I have for the project is the UPS box I want to rent. It is $134 for every 6 months. I forget how much it is per year. Paul and I are more than willing to cover this cost, and we will gladly do so regardless. Rosie's Cozies is important to me and $134 is a small fee to pay to keep it going. However, I know that people want to help. People have asked me how THEY can contribute to Rosie's Cozies. This is definitely an area where non-crocheters can help out. The UPS box will be an on-going expense. Again, I want to reinforce that Paul and I are more than willing to cover this cost, but I wanted to give others the opportunity to help with the project that really feel called in some way to support Rosie's Cozies.

If you are interested in helping with this expense click on the "Donate" button on the right sidebar. If I receive an abundance of donations, I will take the overflow to Helen DeVos as a donation.

If you don't feel called to donate financially, prayer is always needed! Prayers that hats keep coming in, and especially prayers for the families and little lives in the NICUs. I know people are blessed through this project.

(On a side note- Megan and Ryan, you are not allowed to donate!) :-) That is all.

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  1. I don't know how long you have been making hats but as my daughter was in Helen Devos for 88 day in 2010. I just want to say Thank Yuu!!!!

  2. Here are my suggestions for keeping the hat stretchy:

    1. Use a mock rib pattern, such as crocheting side to side hdc in back loop only, or another knit-look stitch.

    2. Post stitch ribbing makes a SUPER stretchy hat!

    3. Don't edge bottoms with sl st or sc, as these take all elasticity out of hat edge.

    4. Use a larger hook and crochet final edging using yarn and elastic thread.

    I have made a ton of knit-look ribbed hats that, frankly, my knitting friends have even said are difficult to tell apart from a ribbed knitted hat. I used to knit primarily and missed the nice stretchiness, so I use a lot of patterns with rib stitches, etc. For the adorable hats, such as the simple shell beanie, I would just use 1 size up for that last row edging. I will post my fave patterns from Ravelry on my blog if you want some specifics, and I will also post some knit-look stitch ideas.


    direct link to the subject of crochet elasticity

  4. I have the pleasure of working in a Chicago suburban hospital in labor & delivery with a top NICU. I often make hats & booties for the micro-preemies. I think this is such a great outreach to show God's love.

  5. Bless your heart. My oldest daughter was a regular patient at the Childrens Hospital in Akron til she passed away nearly 6 years ago. As a parent, I cant begin to describe the heartwarming feelings we were blessed with when she recieved a donated blanket, a doll, a hairbrush...anything. God blesses those who willingly gives with a compassioante heart.

  6. My daughter and her husband are the "kinship placement" for a drug affected baby. She was in PICC (Pediatric Interim Care Center) for about 6-7 weeks. It is the only facility of it's kind in the country, dealing with drug affected babies only. Our hearts and minds have been opened to the great need that these little ones and their caregivers have. Our sweet little Sammie has broken my heart in such a good way and I intent to help PICC in any way that I can. I'm planning on making hats, quilts, whatever they need. Hopefully, I will graduate to baby rocker! God bless all of you for helping to care for those who can't care for themselves!



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