Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adorable Pillow Covers

I am in the process of redoing the decor in my main living area. I tend to change something and then let it sit there for five years until my sister, Jill (aka decorating on a budget guru), stops by and starts rearranging things. A couple of weeks ago the hubsters told me that for HIS birthday, he wanted me to spend money redecorating the house with Jill's help. Nicest man ever? Yup. Jill was equally excited.

Jill is the queen of decorating things on a budget. I quickly found a rug on Craigslist and she found some adorable curtain panels on clearance at Target that I ordered. My budget was quickly dwindling from these two purchases, and I had yet to get pillow covers and things for my shelves. As I began to think about how to save money I thought "could I crochet pillow covers?". Yessiree.

I went onto Ravelry and searched and found this pattern.. It was tough to find the right pattern that wasn't going to be too old fashioned looking, and would update my house rather than date it. This pattern was also free, which is ALWAYS a plus.

The pattern was fairly easy to follow. It ended up being smaller than my pillows, so I just added a few more granny square rows around until I felt it was the right size. I used Red Heart Soft and was happy with the bold colors and bit of shine to the yarn.

I am so please with how it turned out! I have one more to make, but wanted to share my first finished project. Again, I am not a photographer, so forgive my poor camera skills.

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  1. love the pillow & the colors are absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Wow! You really inspire me. So, What do the curtains look like?

  3. I love the color combo you chose!

  4. can you post a pic of the rug and curtains too? I'd love to see how these all coordinate! GREAT pops of color! I've been considering making "covers" for our current couch pillows... I thought if I "save" money by covering our current pillows, I could SPEND money on a new rug. ? wishful thinking, probably... :)



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