Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Babies and Hookin'

So sorry for my lack of blogging lately!  I am on Spring break and relishing every moment. Well, most moments.  Pregnancy nausea has been in full effect for the past three weeks, but I am managing fine. 

When I was pregnant with Belle I swore the fridge had a gag-inducing stench.  Paul never smelled it, but was a fabulous husband and bleached it for me twice!  This time around, the smell came back...AND Paul could smell it too. This is a smell I would anticipate to the point I would plug my nose before opening the fridge, but still end up gagging because I was imagining I could still smell it! Again, Paul bleached the fridge, but to no avail.  However, today I discovered the mystery!  Note to self:  Do not leave leftover broccoli way in the back of your fridge and forget about it for over a week.  Ugh!  Once I took care of the culprit the fridge smelled like a new appliance, and I was a MUCH happier preggers!  (I promise I don't keep old rotting food in my fridge on a regular basis!)

Okay, so enough about my fridge dilemma.  I have been trying to get back in the groove of my crocheting.  I have been able to finish projects, but not as fast as I would like. I choose to take naps during Belle's nap times and at the end of the day I am more concerned with keeping food in my stomach to avoid nausea.  Needless to say, I am nursing my pregnancy and haven't had a chance for new projects. 

Next week is my very last week of this internship, April 26 is my last day of class, and the first week of May is bye-bye to 1st trimester!  So many new crochet projects I am ready to get started on, so stay tuned!  I am hoping to get an inventory of newborn hats in my stash in order to keep up on orders in the future.  I can't wait to get creative with those little tiny hats.

Oh and for future reference, I am assuming any orders for Christmas should be taken now.  Baby T is due early November, so I don't foresee much hookin' happening before the holidays.  There will be a lot of baby cuddling instead :-) Get this orders in now so I can complete them before Fall!

Kind of a random post :-) 

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  1. So sorry to hear you've been dealing with morning/all day sickness!! I sooooo relate! During the first half if this pregnancy I basically just took a break from everything...So worth it!!

    Take care of you!! Happy first trimester!!

  2. Congrats on the new addition coming soon. I too feel your pain. I was sick all day every day up through week 26 and it very slowly started going away after that. It's hard to keep up on much of anything when your feeling so under the weather. Cuddle that little bundle up ever second you can when he/she gets here!

  3. Hi Betsy, Just found your beautiful blog and am making an attempt at the shell stitch beanie!! I am a beginner so wish me luck!! On a side note, I have been reading this new book out about going green and using non-chemical cleaning products such as method (at target), the author states that bleach is too strong to be in the home and around small children. I know its been around for years, but he says to use it in a hospital setting and not in your home! Just wanted to pass it along since your pregnant! Congradulations and all the best. Vicki



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