Friday, December 17, 2010

Stitch-A-Long: Half Double Crochet

Next step! If you have made it this far you are totally on your way in the world of crochet!

Here is the next row:

Row 3: Ch 1, (counts as first Hdc), skip st and Hdc in each around. Join with sl st to top of Ch 1. (55 Hdc)

This is just like the last row except that you half double crochet (hdc), rather than double crochet. Here is how you half double crochet:

You yarn over the hook, place it in the loop, yarn over again, and pull through one loop, yarn over again, and pull it through ALL the loops. Here is the video:

Once you hdc in each stitch around be sure to join it to the chain 1 with a slip stitch.

ll post pics soon of my project. I have been having trouble uploading pics.

How is everyone doing????

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  1. Hello! I'm visiting your blog via Ravelry. I've queued your shell baby beanie, and found the stitch-along and I'm intrigued. I'm going to see about getting the right yarn and an N (10 mm!) hook and hop to it. Such a good idea!

    ~maggyruth on Ravelry

  2. Hey Lady! So I decided yesterday that I wanted to learn to crochet, and the cutest girl in the world Rachelle (FOTF) sent me over here for your stitch along and I am loving it!

    I have been practicing all day with the wrong size hook (cause I have never crocheted a day in my life and I need to practice practice practice) but I am off today to buy the right size.

    So um... the video for the Double Half Crochet sort of sucks. But not because of you, its just not the right technique that she is showing slowly. She is showing how to do ribbing. And it would be awesome if you had a video on how to finish each row. I am still pretty confused about that one....Oh and one more thing will be super helpful. When you write the pattern code can you decipher it exactly? Like if it says "Row 3: Ch 1, (counts as first Hdc), skip st and Hdc in each around. Join with sl st to top of Ch 1. (55 Hdc)" Can you retype it except with normal words? So there is some feedback for ya!

    I am loving how easy it is though and I cant wait to get the next row!! its super awesome!! I am going to post a link on my blog to come over here because when I said I was going to learn I got a bunch of responses about how they dont know how either...Hope thats ok!!

    love your guts

  3. So my biggest issue with the videos is that they all show these techniques after a row of slip stitches, but we are crocheting the new row from other kinds of stitches, so I can't tell where I am supposed to insert my hook. So, I am getting somewhere, but I don't know if it is right.

    Also, I agree with Mandi in terms of more info on how to finish each row. I am not sure where I am supposed to be hooking what to what?



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