Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stitch-Along Project

I have been researching all over for the right pattern for a stitch-along to teach the basics of crochet and to all work on together. I think that I have found the pattern, and I wanted to run it by everyone.

I have been wanting to make myself a cowl or one of those neck warmers. I figured, "what better time to make this than with a stitch along??" This pattern looks like something that works up quickly and incorporates a lot of the basic stitches, so I thought it was PERFECT! Let me know your thoughts! To see the pattern click here: Convertible Cowl

If everyone is in, then I will get started writing up the first blog post soon!

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  1. YES!! I have been wanting one anyway. :-)

  2. Cute project! I'm in! (P.S. I really liked your last post too about different types of yarn.)

  3. Besty, this sounds fun - just curious, can you teach a left hander or would I need special treatment? I do a lot of things right handed so many I can try . . .

  4. oh you guys! you will LOVE this pattern . . . I made this one for myself earlier this year (we get winter in OCTOBER here in the great white north! haha), and love wearing it . . . sooooo soft and warm! :)
    I'm out of the CAL, but I will definitely be cheering y'all on! :)

  5. I've made several cowls this season so far, and I love them! I'm sure you'll get a ton of use out of yours. They're awesome!

  6. Sounds a great idea, I wanted one of these anyway. hugs lin

  7. I love this! If I had an ounce of talent, I would learn to crochet. But, I know my limits.

  8. Thanks for sharing my pattern and offering the stitch along! I'm going to share it on my blog today. I hope you have a large response! <3

  9. I was JUST looking at this pattern. I'm new to crochet so I'm excited to 'stitch along'! :)

  10. Oh! MY Gosh!
    I wish I had started this with everyone!
    I'd love to make this!
    I only know one stitch and have made 2 scarfs just with the single crochet.
    I think it's time to start soemthing new.
    I know I wont be Stitching along but I hope it's okay to start in on this and if I have any questions that It's okay to ask!
    Thanks so much!
    ~Mippy :)



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