Monday, October 11, 2010

Ordering Freeze

I have reluctantly decided to have a two week ordering freeze. I HATE doing this, but I really feel that I have no choice. As soon as I finish up with one order, I receive another two on top of it. I never feel like I am getting ahead. I hate feeling that way. I want to feel like I am on top of things.

I am currently working on a 35 order list. I would like to get that list down to 10, which is much more manageable. I feel that in the course of two weeks I will be able to do this. So, please bare with me as I ask everyone to wait two weeks until they put their orders in. This will allow me time to catch up and get a breather!

This two week freeze means that I will not be taking any orders for any reason. I hate saying no to newborn gift orders, but I must right now so that I stay on task with my other orders.

Thank you to everyone for understanding and allowing me time to focus on the orders I have!

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    Hahaha, just kidding! Good decision. Don't let your favorite past time become stressful!



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