Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wanna Know Who I Am?

Many of you who follow my blog know who I am. We are good friends, family, went to school together, or maybe worked together. However, there are MANY of you who have no clue who I am, except for the fact that I am a SAHM who loves to crochet.

I thought I would give you the opportunity to ask me anything you want to know. I love to know about the people whose blogs I read, so I thought this might give you the chance to learn a little more about me. Haha, this is assuming you want to know more about me :-)

So, for those of you who wonder more about who I am and my story, please ask away! I will respond to all of the questions in a few days and fill you in on who I am!

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  1. When did you learn to crochet and how did you learn?

    What's your favorite thing to make?

    What's your favorite and least favorite parts of being a stay-home mom?

    Really, I'd just love to hear more about you. I'm fascinated by people!

  2. Hello there! I found your blog a month ago while googling crochet beanie patterns! I'm teaching myself to crochet so I can make cute baby stuff (I have a son who's almost 1). I wanted to thank you for the shell beanie pattern! And just say that you are so talented, what a gift you have been blessed with !!

    I too am facinated by people, I had no idea that people make blogs such as your's, it's interesting, and so fun!

    I am looking forward to your boy pattern because so far I have only made hats for my friends daughters!! Thanks, Brianne (from Portland OR)



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