Saturday, August 7, 2010

Still Here

I am so sorry for my delinquency the past couple of weeks with my blogging. This past week I was with Paul's family on a whirlwind trip to Gettysburg. We literally drove 12 hours on Wednesday, did the tourist thing on Thursday, and drove back home on Friday. What is more insane is that we did all of this with a 10 month old! Belle did fabulous on the drive and I am VERY thankful for portable DVD players! We were able to spend time with Paul's cousin and Mema from California. We haven't seen them in two years and they were able to meet Belle for the first time! The coolest part of the trip to me is that we were on a vacation with four generations! How often does that happen?!?!

Last week we went on a camping trip with my family, which was great fun as well. It was spent with the kids swimming, fishing, and playing on the playground. Belle was more into her kiddie pool. I hadn't been camping in ages and I forgot just how much I loved it!

Anyway, this is a crochet blog, right? Haha, so enough about my family summer vacations! The great part about both of these trips is that I had a lot of time to crochet. I am amazed that my hands didn't fall off after the drive to Gettysburg! I literally crocheted the entire time! I finished many hats and a beautiful baby blanket for my friend.

The blanket was my favorite piece! I hadn't completed a blanket in awhile. I asked Liz to let me know what she would like for the baby. She had free reign to pick anything! She asked for a blanket that matched the baby room with some flowers in the corner. I was excited to pick out colors and to come up with a plan! I ended up doing the blanket with this stitch:

I was a little skeptical at first, but was very happy with the results. I didn't want to do a stitch that was too open because the little munchkin's toes and fingers would push through. I wanted to make sure this blanket would be warm enough during the awful winter snow storms we get around Michigan!

After completing the larger part of the blanket I crocheted 3 rows of sc around the edge and then finished off with a scalloped row. I whipped up a few flowers and placed them in the corner. I love it! I can't reveal the pics, yet, as I haven't given it to Liz. Her shower is in a few weeks, so once Liz has seen the blanket I will be sure to post the pics! Oh, and I wanted to share the colors I used. I am not one to use tons of different colors on one project, but I decided to go for it with this blanket since the baby bedding had so many colors that looked beautiful together. Here are the colors:

Stay tuned for pics in a few weeks!

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