Thursday, August 12, 2010

Please Pray

I realize that this is a blog about crochet, but there have been times I have strayed from the regular post about a new project or upcoming projects to write about things of much greater significance.

I am asking for prayers for a young family that is being affected by cancer. Libby and I went to the same college. Although we were not close friends in college, we have many mutual friends and had gone on a Young Life spring break together. From what I know of Libby and the times I have spoken with her she is beautiful all around.

Recently, I saw a Facebook status of hers with a link to her blog saying "hope this helps." In her blog, Libby reveals that she has been diagnosed with cancer. She is 26, married, and has a 6 month old daughter and now fighting cancer. Her blog is an amazing testament of her faith and her passion for God. It is truly a story of inspiration.

I am asking for prayers for this family. The internet has an amazing way of bringing people together from every walk of life and many parts of the world. I know that all of you who follow have your own personal stories of strength, struggle, and times when you just needed someone to send a prayer up. Please send one of those prayers up for Libby and her family.

Click here to read their amazing journey they have begun in their fight against cancer:

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  1. Ahh - oh my goodness I am praying for that family. I started reading the blog and it has me in tears. Thanks for sharing. :-)



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