Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Stuff' Comin'

Oh, oh, oh! I am SO excited to share some of the stuff I am doing! It will be soon once I have time to take pics! I am happy to have a few more boy things and I am doing some more girl stuff too (of course!). I just can't stay away from those flowery pieces for too long.

Here is a sneak peak of something I have been working on. This is not my finished piece, but I bought the pattern from The Crafty Tortoise, so I can't wait to see this little number on some cuties:

In the meantime of doing some new stuff, I have been working hard to finish many orders I have lined up. I love being busy, but I hope I don't take too long to complete the orders! I feel like I need to hire some help! I am flattered that people really like what I have made and it makes me feel so good when I see those little munchkins in something I made.

So, if you happen to have anything I have made I would love to see pics! I am hoping to post a photo album on this site (once I figure out how to do it). I can't wait! Email me your pics or post them on my Facebook page!

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