Monday, December 6, 2010

Let's Get Stitchin'!

Looks like there has been a positive response to the Convertible Cowl for our stitch-along! I am planning on heading out tomorrow to get some yarn, so I thought I would touch base with everyone about what to get in order to prepare!

This pattern calls for an "N" hook (N15) or an 10.00mm hook (same thing). Hook choice is EXTREMELY important because it determines the size of the stitches you make. Be sure to get an N15 hook and not an N13 hook. You can buy hooks at any craft store, or even at Meijer! The needle is larger, which is great for a beginner.

Second, this pattern calls for any bulky yarn or you can hold 2 strands together of medium weight. If this is your first go at crocheting I suggest buying the bulky yarn, rather than figuring out how to do things while holding 2 strands. Eventually, you can work up to this, but I would start with one strand.

So, how do I know if the yarn is bulky? Most yarns will say that they are bulky, but there is also a symbol printed on the labels that looks like this:

I will let you all know which yarn I buy tomorrow! Be sure to buy enough yarn to finish your piece. Lion Brand Jiffy Yarn is a great bulky size yarn to use and is $3.39 at Hobby Lobby. Each skein is 135 yards, and this pattern calls for 110 yards! Perfect! Be sure to always double check the number of ounces or yards needed for a pattern. Sometimes I just buy an extra skein for good measure. I hate nothing more than buying a skein of yarn to just barely run out by the end of the project and needing to run out to get another.

Another item this pattern calls for are yarn markers. I don't mess with these too often. When I really need them I tend to just use bobby pins to mark where my stitch is. If you prefer to use yarn markers you can buy them at any craft store. They are cheap and they look like this:

There you have it! Those are the basics! Go get those supplies and we'll be hookin' soon!

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  1. I'm sure I have to read older posts to figure out how to participate but I really really want to do this! I've been wanting to make a cowl so this will get me going. Yay!

  2. Question... on the pattern it says,
    "Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Grande (110 yds)
    220 yds, 2 skeins in your choice of color"

    After reading your post I bought 1 skein, but it sounds like I might need another. Should I go back and get more? (I'm still a crocheting newbie, so all this is a little fuzzy)



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