Thursday, September 8, 2011

God is Good!

It was high time I gave an update on what has been going on with Rosie's Cozies!

First, I need to thank everyone who has donated so far, and those continuing to donate hats. I am so amazed and blessed by the outpouring of others into this project. I have had hats sent to me from Florida, Arizona, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Virgina, and even from the UK!! I am sure there are other states in there, but I forgot to write them all down. Whoops!

Currently, the count of hats I have at my house is 259. This added onto the reports of those who have donated to their own NICU or brought hats to Helen DeVos Children's Hospital brings the total to 416!! I know there are even more hats being donated than this, but this is the number we have right now. I have had multiple people say they planned on donating to their own NICUs, so I am rather confident we can inflate this final count so far. As I had planned, I want this to be an ongoing project. I already know of one woman who is consistently dropping hats off at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital on a regular basis now. How this project has grown larger than I imagined!

Today I received a thank you card from Rosie's mom. I was already crying when I saw who it was from, even before I started reading. Her words described how one of their favorite nurses told them that someday they would know why Rosie was born in the manner she was...too soon, too early. Then she wrote "Rosie's Cozies is it! You have fulfilled Rosie's life's purpose." (and now I am crying again as I write this). Never have I received a greater more profound compliment. She continued with how God used me to honor their daughter.

I don't write this to brag. I wanted to share this to show the impact this project has had on others, and will have on those with babies fighting for their lives. I can come up with an idea, but I could not have so lovingly crocheted over 400 hats. I am blessed by the giving of others, and I know Rosie's family is more than touched and overwhelmed by the selflessness of others. For all of you that have crocheted a hat, dropped hats off, mailed hats out, donated items, and prayed for this project...I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't think we really know how far reaching our acts of kindness are until we get a thank you card like the one from Rosie's mom.

Please know that families will be blessed when their little peanuts get a hat with an adorable flower, a football, an owl, or just a cute color scheme. Please keep giving, and please keep crocheting/knitting for others. Whether it be hats for tiny babies or adults who have lost their hair from chemotherapy treatments, please use the gifts God has given you to give back in some way. Sometimes it is just coming up with an idea and laying it out there for others to join.

Rosie's Cozies has equally blessed me and has reminded me of how good people are. People are hurting and we can show them love through small acts of kindness that make a big difference. God is so much bigger than the box we place him into. He took my idea and allowed it to grow exponentially. How much greater His plans are than ours :)

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